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Welcome to Rage of Darkness.

Welcome to the Rage of Darkness guild portal website. Rage of Darkness is a Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild based on the Bao Dur (EU) server.

We are currently a levelling guild and will progress to Flashpoints and Operations when we are good and well ready :-)! 

We are a mature 18+ guild who prefer a slower pace of discover and learning. We are not "pro" players or would ever want to be. 

So if you are looking for somewhere to level with friendly, helpful people, have a sensible head on your shoulders, don't ever use the word "noob" and never say "go go go", and respect the way other people play, then please consider joining us.

If you would like to join send a message to me through the site or contact me in game.

Most guild members have been in SWTOR since the beta, and we are looking forward to discovering and learning the official game together.

"See you in game"

Guild News


Myrimdar, Feb 22, 12 2:32 PM.
We have now completed the following flashpoints.

Black Talon
Hammer Station
Mandalorian Raiders.
Red Reaper
Directive 7 - I keep bugging out the boss so he clones loads, pass on this till the bug is fixed.

False Emperor - 22/02/2012

Peace is a lie.

General Skills/companion Spreadsheet

Shaz, Feb 6, 12 8:26 AM.
Greetings Team Mates, and gratitude O Great Guildmaster-ness for adding my Spreadsheet to the guild site.

Hope you all find it useful.  If you need any amendments or thing it would benefit from further info that could be added, let me know.

Please keep in mind that if you are Romantically involved with one of your companions, then the gifts of Courting will become a very rewarding gift to proffer to your loved one.   However if they dumped you at the first flirt, then Courting will be undesirable, even snubbed.

And there are two tabs on the spreadsheet one for the Great Empire and one for the righteous Republic (just in case like me you burn both ends of the candle)

See you in Game for more fun and frolics.  Go with the light (hehe)

Melandis, Maximillion, Priss, Scarvaal, Casheer, Genni, Lucke, Magnum, Seraphina.....maybe more later.....

Guild Founded.

Myrimdar, Dec 22, 11 8:47 AM.
Guild formed in game with Myrim as Guildmaster, Spero as Officer, Mel'andis as Officer, Belgrave as Officer. 21st December 2011
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